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Smart Chip to Combat Parkinson's Disease

Written by Nandishwarreddy.s   |   Posted: 02/16/2016 05:46 PM IST

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University has developed a smart chip that allows the transmission of brain data wirelessly and with high accuracy and may help to combat Parkinson's Disease.

"It is about a hundred times more efficient than current processing chips on the market. It will lead to more compact medical wearable devices, such as portable ECG monitoring devices and neural implants, since we no longer need large batteries to power them," said Arindam Basu, assistant professor of NTU's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The research team has researched and tested the chip on data documented from animal models, which revealed that it could decode the brain's signal to the hand and fingers with 95 percent precision.

By Premji

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