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New protein to treat cancer

Written by Aravind   |   Posted: 06/02/2016 07:10 PM IST

Few researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have designed a new protein that can effectively kill cells linked to the development and progression of cancer and a number of other diseases.

The protein ProAgio, which is created from a human protein, targets a cell surface receptor -- biological channel of information transfer -- linked to a number of diseases. The protein targets the cell surface receptor integrin v3 at a novel site that has not been targeted by other scientists.

The researchers from Georgia State University in the US found ProAgio induces apoptosis, or programmed cell death, of cells that express integrin v3.

"This integrin pair, v3, is not expressed in high levels in normal tissue," said Zhi-Ren Liu, lead author of the study and professor at Georgia State University.

"In most cases, it's associated with a number of different pathological conditions. Therefore, it constitutes a very good target for multiple disease treatment," said Liu.

Indian American scientist Ravi Turaga and the other researchers did extensive cell and molecular testing which confirmed ProAgio interacts and binds well with integrin v3.

“We took a unique angle,” Lui said. “We designed a protein that binds to a different site. Once the protein binds to the site, it directly triggers cell death. When we’re able to kill pathological cells, then we’re able to kill the disease.”

By Premji

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