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Posted: 07/01/2013 06:54 PM IST

A competition was held in a cultural program to control from laughing for jokes. The competitors were tested for their hearing abilities. Out of fifteen contestants, 10 have gone in the first round as they could not hold back the rippling laugh that gushed from inside. 4 were out in second and third round of it. One person was standing without a symptom of laugh slipping from any corner of his mouth. After all the jokes were exhausted and only one minute was left out of one hour time limit, the tough guy could not help bursting in laugh and lost the competition.

Everyone got surprised. They asked the contestant what made him laugh at that last moment that too for a silly joke? Then the answer came as a second surprise for them.

It was the first joke that was narrated one hour back! It took him one hour to understand it and the moment he understood it, it gave him uncontrollable giggle!


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